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Who We Are?

Over a decade ago, Roosevelt@UGA was created to inspire community activism and offer innovative solutions to complex problems. Today, we hold these same goals. As a non-partisan, student-run policy think tank, we aim to discuss, write, and implement policy. We empower UGA students to become active and informed citizens.

Our Work

Whether you pursue a career in government, law, healthcare, consulting, tech, or something completely different, policy offers a framework for how to think and solve problems, and Roosevelt makes policy accessible.


Roosevelt@UGA provides three main avenues for student to engage with policy: discussion, writing, and implementation.

Each week, we come together to learn about and discuss public policy issues. Previously, we've led discussions on relevant issues, like the filibuster. We've held panels on homelessness as well as education in Athens-Clarke County featuring professors and local leaders. We've also hosted elected officials. While these weekly meetings range in format, they make policy accessible to students of all backgrounds and knowledge levels.

In the Arch Policy Journal and our blog, Roosevelt@UGA offers students a medium to improve their policy writing skills and communicate their ideas. As UGA’s annual flagship policy publication, the Arch Policy Journal accept the best policy proposals from across campus, refines them in a faculty review process, and then showcases them in print and online formats. Most authors had no policy writing experience prior to the Arch Policy Journal; Roosevelt guides you from idea to proposal. In a less formal context, our blog allows students to develop and share their ideas.

Using a hands-on approach, Roosevelt's Policy Projects are an opportunity for students to directly explore public policy in Athens. Policy Project members research issues (e.g. education, sustainability, homelessness) in Athens, develop a policy solution, and advocate for it. They meet with stakeholders from the community, private sector, and government. 

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